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Peter Wallace

At the end of 2009 I retired as Senior Instructor in the Earth Sciences Department, and my wife and I moved from Halifax, north of the Commons, into the near woods of the South Mountain outside Wolfville. A great move which allowed us to change some of our focus to other things we enjoy like being physically active observing the natural world without treading too heavily on the environment.

I lead a weekly retirees’ hiking group and bike, kayak, and cross-country ski according to the season with other like-minded people. The Maritimes has great hiking trails, coastal kayaking routes, cross-country ski tracks, bike trails, and roads not so well traveled. I do not have to go far to be blown away by the beauty of the landscape.

As a project when I retired, I wanted to identify most of the common plants, fungi, and lichen in this area. The co-housing community where we built our house has a web site where I post my findings. Have a look–I expect errors!

On the bucket-list for projects after retirement, I wished to do more exploring of the coastal rocks of Nova Scotia. I’ve taken many trips that involve walking or kayaking around the headlands, bays, and shores from Clarke’s Harbour to Bay St. Lawrence looking at bedrock (geology!). Photos of these rocks are published on-line and as with the plants, looking at rocks is an excellent excuse to get out and explore.

I have always been interested in being a traveler which means, in my case, learning more about the province’s beauty outside my door; I do not need to go too far. 

March 2023

Peter Wallace
Rare Hemlock Shelf Fungi