ADRP Bursary

Note: The following is permanently recorded under the About ADRP menu branch of our web site. A few years back an ADRP Bursary Fund was setup to assist students in need. It took a couple of years to build up a adequate balance to release funds but now we assist 2-3 students annually. Unlike scholarships, ….  Read More

Web Security & ADRP

After sending out the email with the summary of articles at our web site, a member noticed that when they go to it shows as an insecure site. That had me scratching my head because I set it up to be a secure site and it always appears that way to me. However, when ….  Read More

African Canadian Continuing Education Society

CURAC/ARUCC Members We are attaching a letter from ACCES for your information. The letter is self explanatory and the Board was of the opinion that they are doing good work in line with our objectives and thus we forward it so that, if you wish, you can pass it on to your membership in order ….  Read More