Pension Reports

Reports at the February 24 meeting of the Pension Advisory Committee (PAC) showed that the Dalhousie Pension Plan had made a strong recovery from the drop in asset values of a year ago when the pandemic first hit. Assets increased by nearly $250 million to almost $1.6 billion from just over $1.3 billion. The 6-month ….  Read More

Good News Re. Benefits

Peter Wallace (ADRP rep. on the Dalhousie Benefits Advisory Committee) reports that five important decisions were made on Monday, Feb. 22, 2021: The premiums for the EHB and Travel Plans will be reduced 12% to the single rate of $35.72 /mo and for family $71.65  /mo, The Hearing Aid benefit will become $700 every 3 ….  Read More

From the ADRP Benefits Committee

The Benefits Committee encourages all retirees to have a look at the following notice from the Dalhousie Benefits Office, it has good news potentially for everyone. All diabetic persons are now covered for continuous glucose monitoring and travel insurance is no longer restricted such that SSQ Insurance has now amended that COVID-19 related claims will ….  Read More

Two Important Outcomes from Recent BAC Meeting

ADRP representatives to the Dalhousie Benefits Advisory Committee attended the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) Meeting on Wednesday June 17, 2020. There are 2 outcomes from that meeting that will affect early retirees who subscribe to the Extended Health Benefits and Travel plan, i.e. those under the age 65. There will be a EHB premium holiday ….  Read More

Dental Plan During Covid-19

What follows is a note from Peter Wallace who is our Executive Lead on Benefits. We wanted to share some information with retired members of Dalhousie University who are subscribers to the Dental Plan. As you would most likely be aware, the ability for our members to access dental services during the current environment is ….  Read More

SSQ Travel Insurance

It is my understanding that this insurance is only available to retired Faculty. We have no way to know who carries this insurance and ask that you share this message with your colleagues to whom it may apply. Regards, Phil O’Hara – Chair ADRP A Message from the Benefits Office Our travel coverage through SSQ ….  Read More

Travel Insurance & Covid-19

Here is email we got yesterday regarding travel insurance. To CURAC/ARUCC Member Associations (cc Individual Associate Members, CURAC/ARUCC Board & Committee Chairs): Dear Colleagues, Through CURAC/ARUCC, your members have access to Johnson Inc health and travel insurances. The following message from Johnson Inc contains important information for them related to their insurance(s). Please forward this ….  Read More

ADRP Bursary

Note: The following is permanently recorded under the About ADRP menu branch of our web site. A few years back an ADRP Bursary Fund was setup to assist students in need. It took a couple of years to build up a adequate balance to release funds but now we assist 2-3 students annually. Unlike scholarships, ….  Read More

Web Security & ADRP

After sending out the email with the summary of articles at our web site, a member noticed that when they go to it shows as an insecure site. That had me scratching my head because I set it up to be a secure site and it always appears that way to me. However, when ….  Read More

CURAC / ARUCC Summer 2019 Newsletter

There is a wealth of information in every newsletter from our national body. We encourage you to add each and every newsletter to your reading list. Summer 2019 CURAC / ARUCC Newsletter.