Meet Your Board Members

Nancy Pitts

I started my post-secondary education on the NSAC campus, now the Dal-AC campus. With a B.Sc. (Agr), M.Sc. and PhD supplemented by mid-career degrees of B.Ed., M. Adult Education, I enjoyed a three decade career as an Associate Professor. I retired from Dalhousie’s Faculty of Agriculture in 2018.

I enjoyed my career as an analytical food chemist, but I miss the students who kept me young. During my time on the Agricultural campus, I held several mid-level leadership positions and found great personal and professional satisfaction by being involved in capacity- and faculty- development in several international development projects and international partnerships (Ethiopia, Jamaica, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Honduras, Ghana, The Gambia, China, India). I miss those travels, but during the no-travel years of the pandemic, I had lots of travel memories to re-live!

Since retiring I have taken on-line university courses on dementia; trained as an end-of-life doula (Douglas College) and am a trained volunteer with Colchester East Hants Hospice. Having a realistic look ahead at the ‘path of life’, I have been inspired to make some items for my ‘Senior Comfort Chest” – my six-page, detailed Advanced Care Plan, my own lap fidget (shown) and a quilt constructed with memories from all decades of my life. Now that I have done some of the preparations for future years, I am presently totally focused on ‘carpe diem’.

What brings me fulfillment in retirement?

I enjoy learning knowledge in a wide variety of topics offered by the Seniors’ College Association of NS (SCANS). My involvement with the Truro Chapter of SCANS includes being Chapter Coordinator as well as continuing to share my expertise and scientific knowledge by teaching several food science courses in SCANS. I also use my organizational skills as a volunteer for the Onslow Island Cemetery which contains numerous of my ancestors who arrived from Ireland in 1761. My husband and I also grow a vegetable garden; included is a photo of the heritage cultivar of ‘blueberry tomatoes’.

What do I treasure about retirement?

Contact with former colleagues, meeting new people in SCANS, ADRP, and the Truro Chapter of Probus, as well as the monthly Coffee ‘N Chat with retirees from the Truro campus.

March 2023

Nancy and her husband’s vegetable garden, including the heritage cultivar of ‘blueberry tomatoes’ in the foreground, close to the pea fence.