Meet Your Board Members

David Tindall

I spent 34 years as a full-time faculty member in the Physics Department, teaching a variety of classes from Introductory Astronomy and second year Mechanics and Relativity to upper-level Condensed Matter and Quantum Mechanics. After retirement in 2011, I continued to teach Introductory Astronomy for six years.

My research centered around the magnetic properties of rare earth elements, studied by neutron scattering using the NRU Reactor at Chalk River.

I was a member of the Executive of the DFA for most of the 34 years, including a year as President (1989/90).  I was a member of the Grievance Committee (for most of 1989-2011), including three years as Chair, and successfully completed a number of actions where our pensions were threatened. In addition, I was co-chair of the Association-Board Committee (1987/8, 1997/8 and 2008/11), a parity committee of the DFA and the BoG, charged with interpreting and applying the Collective Agreement.

I have been a member of the Board of Directors of the ADRP since just after retirement and a member of its Benefits Committee, which I chaired for several years, for most of that time.

Favourite Coffee Shop in Herring Cove.

Favourite Country Inn in Charlos Cove (Away-from-it-all, Great Food!)

March 2023

“Intentionally uncaptioned as an exercise for the reader,” says David Tindall.