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December Newsletter

In this issue: pension plans and fossil fuel investments, embracing photography, older but wiser, as well as the president’s message and committee reports. There’s a call for bridge players and you can learn the ABC’s of the ADRP. Click here to view the newsletter.

Two Important Outcomes from Recent BAC Meeting

ADRP representatives to the Dalhousie Benefits Advisory Committee attended the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) Meeting on Wednesday June 17, 2020. There are 2 outcomes from that meeting that will affect early retirees who subscribe to the Extended Health Benefits and Travel plan, i.e. those under the age 65. There will be a EHB premium holiday ….  Read More

Travel Insurance & Covid-19

Here is email we got yesterday regarding travel insurance. To CURAC/ARUCC Member Associations (cc Individual Associate Members, CURAC/ARUCC Board & Committee Chairs): Dear Colleagues, Through CURAC/ARUCC, your members have access to Johnson Inc health and travel insurances. The following message from Johnson Inc contains important information for them related to their insurance(s). Please forward this ….  Read More

African Canadian Continuing Education Society

CURAC/ARUCC Members We are attaching a letter from ACCES for your information. The letter is self explanatory and the Board was of the opinion that they are doing good work in line with our objectives and thus we forward it so that, if you wish, you can pass it on to your membership in order ….  Read More