On this page you can read about the establishment of the ADRP Bursary followed by instructions on how you can make a contribution online or by completing and mailing in a form.

Establishing the Fund

In 2015, on recommendation from Carolyn Savoy, a bursary fund was established to provide assistance for students in need.


You can contribute to this fund online or by completing and mailing in a pledge form with you contribution.

Online Donation

To watch a 1:23 minute demonstration, click on the start button

Written Instructions for an Online Donation

  1. Go to the https://dal.ca
  2. At the top left, click on Support Dal
  3. Complete the amount and frequency options
  4. Under the Direct your gift category, select Specify a funding area
  5. Next to Search by keyboard start typing Retirement
  6. When Vice President Student Services – Registrars Office – Dalhousie Retiree and Pensioner Bursary appears click on it
  7. Find the Next button
    The instructions on the screen are self evident from this point

Donation by a Mail-in Form

The required form is included with all recent newsletters. Should this be of interest to you, the form is included below. As well, you can click on the PDF icon at the end of this sentence to open the file in a new browser tab and download from that page.