Pension Plan Update

by Randy Barkhouse

The following news about the Retiree’s Trust Fund surplus comes from the Sept 29th Pension Advisory Committee meeting.

  • Automatic indexation of 2.8123% will be awarded in January 2024.
  • An RTF surplus of $46 million was identified in the January 2023 actuarial valuation.
  • The RTF trustees can use their discretion to award catch-up indexation using up to one-half that surplus.
  • At $23 million that could cover about 3% of the 14.88% of past missed indexation.

Given recent declines in market returns, whether any catch-up indexation will be awarded is uncertain.

6 Replies to “Pension Plan Update”

  1. This is excellent news. I’d like to express my ongoing gratitude to Randy and the ADRP committee members for your continued hard work on behalf of our pensioners and retiree group. Anne Dunsworth, retired Co-op Coordinator, Dalhousie Science Co-op Program

  2. We would like to echo Anne’s comments above, expressing our thanks to Randy and the ADRP committee for work on multiple fronts for those on Dal pensions. As rents leap upwards and costs for health issues become more probable, this indexation is much appreciated.
    Marjorie Stone (English and Gender and Women’s Studies, Andy Wainwright (English & Creative Writing).

  3. Thank you very much indeed, Randy. In this day and age, even a small rise is certainly better than nothing. I appreciate the efforts that you will have expended securing this increase.

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