Summer Newsletter Published

Be sure to check out the June edition of the member newsletter!

It includes articles on upcoming social events, a recent Nature Day in the Annapolis Valley, reflections on touring by bus, and we even have some poetry.

There are also reports from our Pension Advisory Committee, the Benefits Committee, the treasurer, the Seniors’ College Association, and more.

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3 Replies to “Summer Newsletter Published”

  1. So many of us have disappointed our parents and not saved lives. It is a burden I argue is addressed by how many eyes (of our students) we opened to a world of possibilities they might love.

  2. Just a comment about Heather’s Message from the April Newsletter in which she drew attention to the tuition waiver benefit available to Dalhousie retirees (and employees). Applying for the benefit may be straightforward enough, but registering isn’t. You will have to apply for admission like everybody which will require you to submit official copies of all your university transcripts. Even if admitted, and even after completing classes, you will have to reapply for admission If you miss enrolling for three consecutive terms. Yes, this means resubmitting those official transcripts. It seems to be impossible to keep these documents on file. I completed my last Dal class in April 2019 and have to go through the entire readmission process again if I want to do another class.

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