Getting Your T4A

By Peter Wallace

The 2022 T4A tax forms are now available from the Dalhousie OnLine site. Some ADRP members may have not accessed this site since last year and in the interim Dalhousie has implemented the MFA procedure for its IT services. If you are having trouble with the MFA process and cannot access your T4A contact the Dalhousie Help Desk for assistance. If you’ve set up the MFA, sometimes you have to go through the procedure of having a text or phone call to confirm it really is you and other times you might get a bye and get in right away.

If you are able to login to the OnLine site the following is all you have to do:

  • On the Main Menu go to Employee Dashboard
  • Pick Taxes
  • Pick Slips for Income Tax Return
  • Pick Tax slips for year 2022 (T4A)
  • Pick printable Version which should download a PDF of the T4A onto your machine that you can print off at your leisure

If you do not have success with this process contact the help desk: 902-494-4357 or toll free 1-800-869-3931

You can also get help from the Human Resources Department at Dalhousie (Retirement Services) through email at or 902-494-1732

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