Perplexed by MFA?

We are now told that on January 17, 2023 Dal retirees will be required to implement Multi-Factoral Authentication (MAF) to access their Dal email as well as their annual tax slips!

Many ADRP members found the recommended process difficult to follow.

Computing services has created a new document describing several methods for implementing the MFA. If you are interested in testing it out and providing feedback, please e-mail Jazmin Caloca Berumen at She will send you a copy of the material for review.

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  1. If this is the same as the document that Dal IT is circulating – no thanks since it is not particularly helpful. If it is different, please let me know. I would be happy to help get this to the point where it is clear and works for everyone involved.

    Right now I have gotten to the point where I have the program loaded to do the authentication but need to have more information to move forward.

    Please note I don’t have a cell phone so this makes things a bit more “interesting”!

    1. Hi, Deirdre. This is an entirely new document and seems very readable. IT are very keen for some of our members to try it out and provide feedback.

  2. Thanks Deirdre. When it was announced as a “…new document ” we presumed it was not the original one currently being circulated. We are seeking clarification from IT on this.

    1. Hi stewart, I recently got in touch with Jazmin and according to her there is a thrid way as per her email below:

      “Jazmin Caloca Berumen
      Swapan Dasgupta
      Hi Swapan,

      It seems that the Authy method (3) could work for you. If you need further support or help please start a ticket with or by phone.

      Our methods are a wide range, but some need more research than others, that is why I strongly recommend you engage support.

      I am sorry I cannot help you more, as I am not the technical person of the project.

      Kind regards,
      Jazmin Caloca”

      I checked this out and it does offer a cloud based authentication in addition to the Microsoft MFA authenticator and might avoid some of the problems others are facing. I am trying to make use of this and will let you know if I succeed.
      Best regards.

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