Remembering Roy George

The ADRP wishes to express our sympathies to the family of the late Roy E. George BSc, MA, PhD.

A respected administrator, academic, and teacher, he passed away in October in his 99th year.

Dr. George had a distinguished 25 year career at Dalhousie. He served as Secretary of the Senate, Chairman of the Departments of Commerce and Economics, Vice President of the Faculty Association, President of the Faculty Club, and Vice President and Treasurer of the Canadian Association of University Teachers. He retired as Dean of the Faculty of Management and was designated a professor emeritus. He also acted as treasurer of our ADRP.

For his full obituary click here.

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  1. Roy was my very first classroom experience at Dalhousie. I had just started my masters degree as a part-time student, and introduction to economics was my very first night course. What do I remember most? He always called me ‘love’, a term that would have no place in today’s classroom but then the few of us women he taught did not take offence. His explanations were very practical and I really looked forward to my two classes a week, I recall munching on a sandwich (he didn’t take offence) in a classroom on the 5th floor of the power plant (which leaked when it rained) while I learned more than I ever thought I would need to know. Later as a colleague and then my Dean, he was always gruff but approachable if that makes any sense. I continue to think fondly of his genuine interest in his students and our classroom time together.

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