Dal Delays Login Change for Retirees

Dalhousie retirees have been granted a temporary reprieve from a new university policy, and are being asked to help plan a better implementation.

Many retirees recently received a message saying that enrolling in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) was required by November 1st. Failure to do so might mean you would be unable to access your Dal email. 

Numerous members told the ADRP that they found the process to enroll was excessively complex.

Therefore, implementation for retirees has been delayed until early 2023.

The issue resulted from a change in how users must sign in to their accounts. The adoption of MFA means that two methods are required to sign in. Typically, this involves using your cellphone as well as your computer for better security. This policy is already in effect for current employees and staff.

Information Technology Services has promised to work with us to find a better way to roll out this security enhancement for retirees. They are looking for volunteers from the ADRP to participate in a focus group online, most likely in the second week of December or sooner. If you are interested please contact JazminCaloca@Dal.ca

10 Replies to “Dal Delays Login Change for Retirees”

  1. I spend half of my year in Mexico with a different telephone number. My Canadian phone is not functioning. find this double verification that everyone is going to very frustrating. Is it possible to verify with another email address?

  2. have set things up so that my phone number is in but now need to know what to do. Help please. The instructions say something about a link being enabled and it does not appear to have been done for me.

    Deirdre Harvey

    1. Contacting the IT Help desk is advisable if you want to do this now. You can also wait until next year when we expect there will be a better way to effect the change.

  3. I could not get tthe software to download on to my Windows Surface, nor would the instructional video play. In addition, I have Parkinson’s so the fewer keystrokes for me the better.

    1. We will pass on your experience to the IT admins. Remember, you don’t have to do this now. You can wait until next year when they devise an easier route to authentication. If you wish to pursue it anyway, contacting IT support would be the way to go.

  4. In response to my own enquiry about the MFA date for retirees, I received the following this morning from IT support:

    “I just confirmed with my supervisor, retirees are mandated to use MFA at some time in January 2023. This will give ample time for you to provide information that you want sorted out before it becomes mandatory. If you got any other questions please do not hesitate to ask us.”

    It seems that it may be upon us sooner than expected. What do people with no mobile phone do?

    1. Hello Rebecca, thanks for the information. We have not been told exactly when the change will be mandated but IT has asked the ADRP to help with a focus group in December to plan a better rollout of the MFA. We have heard from other members that it can be done with a landline. We will bring your question forward and if you wish to take part in the focus group your input would be welcomed

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