More on Microsoft Licensing

(via Heather Schellinck) We have just received a message to the effect that HR has decided that all retired faculty will get A3 licensing and that is being re-provisioned effective September 1. 

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  1. What about retired staff? I asked at HR earlier this week and got the standard answer about only be eligible for A1 license unless department wants to pay out $75.00.

  2. After reading the last post, I sent a brief notice to the IT folk and was assured that my access to A3 would not change. Am saving that email!

    The change-over may indeed be automatic for retired profs, but as ever one can trust that the admin will do things correctly, or take one’s fate into one’s hands. It might not be a bad idea for people to write to IT themselves to ensure that they will still have access.

    As ever, I’m grateful that ADRP is on this.

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