Update on Microsoft 365 Licenses

We previously posted about changes to the university’s Microsoft Licenses. We have learned that if Retired Faculty wish to retain an A3 license (for use on desktop computers and mobiles) they must send a request to support@dal.ca. Otherwise they will automatically be moved to an A1 license (which is browser based).

Regretfully, Retired Staff have not been given the option to keep the A3 license. 

For further help you may contact Dalhousie IT Support
Phone: 902-494-4357

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  1. Hi Stewart:
    This is the reply I got … It seems to be a LOT more complicated than merely sending a request to support@dal.ca

    “Hello David,
    Our information from Dalhousie Human Resources indicates you are entitled to an A1 license, if you feel this is incorrect you should contact your department or faculty administrator and review your classification.
    You also could contact the Dalhousie HR department to inquire about your current classification.
    If your department or faculty would like they can request your account be granted an A3 license by following these steps.
    In order for us to make an exception to your license as per your request, we will need the administrative head of your department, faculty, or group to email support@dal.ca.
    They will need to include the following information:
    Your Name
    Your NetID
    Billing code
    Reason for the exemption.
    They will also need to authorize the yearly subscription fee of $75 billed annually, this is not prorated.”

    1. Thanks for this David. It is unexpected! I will get back to the source who provided me with the information and try to clarify matters.

    1. Hi, Joanne. Good to hear from you.

      As I understand it, retired staff willI have an A1 licence until December, 2021; then, they will be transferred to an Exchange Only Licence.The only service available then will be a Dal e-mail account. With an A3 Licence, a user can download Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Power Point and Excel) via their Dal account onto their laptop or desktop computer for personal use.

      I do not know if you could pay to retain the service unless it was authorised by a specific unit or a department. This is a great question and I will look into it and get back to you.



  2. Some of you have been wondering if you still need to apply to keep the A3 licence. I have been given to understand that it will be automatic. It may, however, take a few days to add all retired faculty to the system. If you do not have access to Microsoft Office and require the service urgently, you could contact Jasmine Walsh at j.walsh@dal.ca or 902-494-8892

  3. I am a retired Full Professor at the Dal Medical School. I put in 36 years of teaching and research at Dal but was never on the payroll. The only services of a monetary value I have received from Dal are library and computing services access. Since the A3 group seems to be defined as those with a Dal pension, I am told I have no more access to Microsoft Office 365. I think the many Former Dal faculty in my position should be classified as A3.

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