Changes to Microsoft 365 Licenses

Some of you may remember receiving the following message from Joshua Leon (Assistant Vice-President, Information Technology Services); it was sent on March 26th, 2021 (please note the active links within the message will require you to login to MyDal):

  • Changes to Microsoft 365 licensing for Dalhousie will take effect in 2021. The majority of faculty and staff, under their existing A3 License, will experience no impact on their services.  
  • Some employee groups and project accounts will be transitioned to a browser only version (i.e., A1 license.) Included here is a reference to a detailed chart of who will have access to which services going forward. Some employees will no longer have access to desktop and mobile software from Microsoft which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, however the services will continue to be available through the browser. These employees will still have access to OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and most services you have today through the top left menu on Department or Project Accounts will be transitioned to either Exchange (email/calendar service) only or the browser-only service as required.  
  • ITS will be communicating via email directly with employees and account managers affected by these changes. ITS is planning to make these service changes after the end of Winter term, currently targeted for July. We recognize some may be impacted by these changes as we head into the Fall term of 2021. As always, we will be available to assist. Visit ITS Help  for contact information or visit the Microsoft 365 User Resource Centre for additional information. 

The emphasized sentences (e.g., the second in the first paragraph) are in the original e-mail.

The full impact of the changes will not really be known until people have had a chance to do their regular routines and discover whether these have been disrupted.

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