Paul Huber made Honorary ADRP Member

Paul Huber

At its March meeting, the Board elected to extend an Honorary ADRP Membership to Paul Huber.  His long-standing hard work and contributions to the cause were noted:

  • Served on the Pension Advisory Committee as DFA rep and ADRP observer for over 40 years total;
  • Served a term as a trustee of the Dal Pension Plan;
  • Worked with the Dal actuary to craft many current features of the Dal pension Plan including indexation rules. Much of the value in pensions that Dal pensioners receive can be directly attributed to work done by Paul Huber.
  • Drafted the Pension Surplus Use Agreement of 1994 to provide many of the benefits to both pensioners and active employees of the large surplus that developed in the Dal Pension Plan in the early 1990s;
  • Served several years on the ADRP Board;
  • Served several years on the CURAC Executive as chair of its Pension Committee giving visible form to the many ADRP contributions to CURAC.

On behalf of all ADRP members, we thank you Paul!

10 Replies to “Paul Huber made Honorary ADRP Member”

  1. One thing you forgot to mention was Paul’s humour. I never missed a chuckle or full blown laugh when he gave reports. His wit is second to none – well done Paul, you deserve this award.

  2. This is a well-deserved honour! Paul worked long and hard on pension and other important matters. Congratulations to him!!

  3. Paul has always been an outstanding contributor to the ADRP.
    We wish him excellent health and much happiness.

  4. AdMany, many years ago I worked with Paul on the Pension Advisory Committee. I was always impressed with Paul’s knowledge and his ability to argue persuasively on behalf of all Dal employees. Congratulations and best wishes Paul.

  5. Paul Huber’s many contributions to Dalhousie and far beyond[including in Nepal] have always been so very considerable and never flaunted by Paul-an exceptional colleague for so many years.

  6. PLEASE FORWARD T0 PAUL. Tx … Paul Huber … among the most effective educators I’ve been privileged to have. Using a black covered text (? Price Theory in Action, or, ?Microeconomics (Watson), his diagnostic analysis and dry wit made micro-economics exciting to learn – I retain a very comfortable command of the matter fifty years on. Our small class of 3-4 spent snowy evenings in early 1971 on the second floor of the centre of the three old houses hosting the Economics Department. His command of the topic, power of personality and a well-used blackboard was more than adequate. He was always accompanied by his Basset Hound, Susan, and always had the WSJ within reach. I enjoyed several other classes with him later. He drove a yellow MGB-GT. Great teacher, great times, great university. Thanks very much, Paul. Joe Howard (

  7. Congratulations and thank you, Paul, for your valuable contributions to the ADRP and to all of us pensioners.We are in your debt.

  8. Paul invented a possibly unique pension plan for Dalhousie’s employees: the two-fund, defined benefit plan, which has served us so well, and this retiree is most grateful for that. We mourn his loss.

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