Member News: Randy Barkhouse Wins CURAC Tribute Award

Congratulations to longstanding Board member of ADRP and CURAC (Canadian Universities Retiree Associations of Canada), Randy Barkhouse who has received a CURAC Tribute Award.  Many ADRP members know Randy as being an expert on Dalhousie pensions and on university pensions plans across Canada.  We owe him a great debt for drawing our attention to the latest developments not just with the Dalhousie plan but with provincial regulations that play an important role in determining things like indexation.  The award citation reads as follows:                                                                                   

Randy Barkhouse is the bedrock of the Association of Dalhousie Retirees and Pensioners (ADRP). He has served as President from 2009-2012 and 2014-2017. As our first webmaster in 2009, Randy made the work of the association more visible and accessible. He continued in this role for ten years, working assiduously to keep the site operative and current. Being such a caring person, he continued to send newsletters to members who were without e-mail access.

Randy’s dedication coupled with his excellent organizing abilities gave ADRP members the opportunity to both learn from and socialize with retirees across the country. He helped initiate conferences of the Atlantic Provinces University Retirees. In 2019, he personally addressed the logistics associated with the ADRP’s co-hosting (with Saint Mary’s University), the well-attended CURAC Conference. His skilled storytelling of Dalhousie’s history was a highlight.

As our current representative (albeit nonvoting) on the University’s Pension Advisory Committee (PAC), Randy’s expert understanding of financial matters in general and our pension fund issues in particular have guaranteed that our voice is valued and respected both on the PAC and throughout the university community. He is also currently the Chair of CURAC’s Pension Committee.

In summary, Randy Barkhouse is a person who “makes things happen”. He has a reputation of never turning down a request for help; he is a good listener and never makes a person feel uninformed. The ADRP believes that his many attributes and achievements, both personal and professional, make him most deserving of CURAC’s Tribute Award.”

Randy thanked members of ADRP and CURAC and singled out a number of individuals from whom he received valuable advice and help (including his wife, Nancy).  While he could not speak for her, he did recall the facetious words of Maryon Pearson, upon the retirement of her husband Lester (former Prime Minister of Canada and Nobel Peace Prize recipient), “behind every successful man is a surprised woman.”

8 Replies to “Member News: Randy Barkhouse Wins CURAC Tribute Award”

  1. Well deserved, Randy! Thank you for your years of dedication to the ARDP, and especially for your work on the Pension file.

  2. Congratulations Randy! Thank you for all your hard work with our pensions and keeping us informed. You work as hard for the retirees as you did for your department. Thanks again.
    Marilyn Brandal

  3. Randy:Our heartiest congratulations for being recognized for your outstanding contributions to ADRP particularly and to university pension plans generally.
    We wish you,your wife and Family excellent health and every happiness.

    Morris and Eleanor Givner

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