Request for Feedback regarding ADRP Communications

ADRP is always open to feedback from its members.  We are seeking feedback on communications between the Board and ADRP members.  We currently use five means of communication.   

  • The first, a Post on our website, automatically generates an e-mail for anyone who has subscribed (approximately one-third of the membership).  You can subscribe at the ADRP website: 
  • The second, email, is used to communicate with non-subscribers.   It is time-consuming due to measures that are required to avoid SPAM filters, and we do not want to “push out” too much-unsolicited e-mail.  
  • The third, the General Meeting (two a year), is mandated by our constitution. 
  • The fourth, The Newsletter, which appears 3-4 times a year, is always available on the ADRP website; it is also sent out as a digital attachment to non-subscribers (physically only to those who do not use e-mail). 
  • The fifth, Canada Post, is used only for those members for whom we do not have e-mail addresses.  (Please keep in mind that Canada Post is costly and ineffective during a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.) 

Let us know if you would appreciate more or less unsolicited communication than you are currently receiving (e.g., 3 or 4 Posts a month) and rank, in order, the three subjects that you deem most important (e.g., general lifestyle, ADRP Mission, ADRP Social, ADRP Business, Dalhousie Pensions, Dalhousie Benefit Plans, etc.).  You can respond by commenting on this Post or e-mailing the Secretary directly at by April 13th, 2021.

7 Replies to “Request for Feedback regarding ADRP Communications”

  1. I am OK with thee level of e-mailing that I am now receiving. I would rank all the e mails I am getting currently of interest. I guess I am least interested in social events but most interested in annual reports, pension and benifit updates, lectures and courses.

  2. I follow the posts. I am happy with the level of ADRP communications. I appreciate the work put in by the committees and executive. Thank you.

  3. The current system of an email automatically generated works fine for me. I enjoy reading just about everything in the newsletter, especially information on benefits, pensions and lifestyles.

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