January Newsletter

Please enjoy and share our January 2021 newsletter. Once again, Marilyn Klein has put together a wonderful mix of standard and special items.

In her Report, our new President Heather Schellinck briefly reviews the latest agreement negotiated between the DFA and the Board of Governors. If you missed the ZOOM lecture by Paige Black (Dallaire Institute) on Children’s rights, see p. 12 for information on how you can access a recording. All members of ADRP are members of CURAC, and you will find directions on how to learn more about CURAC Benefits on p. 11.

There is also a fascinating article on writing one’s own eulogy. Unfortunately, the In Memoriam section seems to be too long. Download


4 Replies to “January Newsletter”

  1. A query, and request for advice…
    My time as a prof at Dalhousie will end on June 30. And so will my benefits. Do members of the Benefits Committee have suggestions on what to do about acquiring good health insurance?

    1. Dear John:

      Here is a reply to your comment from Peter Wallace (ADRP Board and Benefits Advisory Committee member):

      When one ends employment at Dalhousie, benefits do end and what one can do about retaining benefits depends on several things.

      If you are leaving and not retiring and your new place of employment does not have a benefit package, then I suspect if you want Extended Health Benefits and Travel Insurance the best bet is going through a private company that carries such insurance like Blue Cross, CAA, Johnson, etc.

      If you are either retiring early or retiring after age 65 and you are on the Dalhousie Benefits and Travel plans, then within 30 days of retiring you must sign on to the retiree’s Extended Health Benefits and Travel Insurance plans (some restrictions apply such as you must have been an employee for 10 years and on the benefits plan for at least 5 continuous years prior to retiring; see below for options if this applies). Regular employees and retirees have mostly the same benefits, but the retiree pays the total premium. After age 65 there is no dental plan nor is there a Dalhousie or Dalhousie retiree drug plan. The drug plan is taken over by the Seniors Pharmacare plan in most provinces and dental benefits are obtained through private insurance companies.

      If you are retiring and are not a subscriber to the Dalhousie Benefits packages while an employee, and now wish to subscribe to a benefits and travel plan, the ADRP suggests looking into the Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTO) Benefits plan which Dalhousie retirees can join or any of the other insurance plans.

      Hope this answers the question.

  2. Hi! I am wondering why there’s no mention of a catch-up or cola in the newsletter. Are those things frozen during the pandemic?


    1. Dear Chelluri:

      Randy Barkhouse (ADRP Board and Pension Advisory Committee member) says:

      Usually, each year retirees have received a “Report to Retirees from the RTF Trustees as of June 2020” outlining the state of the RTF at the previous June 30. Major items of interest in that report are the annual and catch-up indexation rates. As of this writing, that report had not been received, but both indexation amounts are believed to be 0% which will be reflected in the January pension payments. ”

      I had expected official word of both items in the annual report mentioned so deliberately omitted any official figure until that was published, presuming that would be late November. It was expected both would be 0% and turned out on the January pension amounts to be that.

      Unfortunately, that report with the official rate has not yet been put out this year, possibly due to the retirement of University treasurer Colin Spinney, and also due to the DFA contract bargaining in the fall.

      PAC meets on the 24th with indexation a major item on the agenda. I had inquired about the report last month, but have yet to get a final answer.

      I would expect the answer at the upcoming PAC.


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