Welcome to 2021!

Let’s hope that 2021 will see us all get out from this COVID-19 darkness and start enjoying normal lives again! A couple of things to note: 1) ADRP Board members have received scam e-mails. They carry a familiar name (in this case our President Heather Schellinck) but actually originate from a phone. The sender claims to be at a conference and unable to purchase e-bay Gift Certificates, then requests the recipient to purchase the certificates for her/him. It is best to just delete all such requests. This one was reported to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. 2) ADRP members are reminded that they are also members of CURAC / ARUCC and entitled to CURAC / ARUCC benefits (travel, insurance, etc.). Details can be accessed under “Member Benefits” at the CURAC / ARUCC website (link at the top of the ADRP Homepage). 3) Finally, the deadline for submissions to the next ADRP Newsletter is January 21; contact the Editor, Marilyn Klein <marilyn.klein@dal.ca>.

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