Innovate Care Conference

Clearly a collection of ADRP Members – NOT!

I write to share an upcoming opportunity for all ADRP members. Our treasurer, Ed Leach, is actively involved with Innovate Care. He brought this event to our board meeting on September 22nd. as a way for our members to learn about services, etc. available to enrich life as we age.

Innovate Care is pleased to work in collaboration with the Nova Scotia Department of Seniors, Aging 2.0, Northwood and other organizations to showcase Nova Scotia as an innovation hub for home & health care, aging, seniors, mobility and independent care solutions.

This upcoming even on October 5th and 6th is a virtual live-video-conferencing experience. There are also a planned in-person component where all Covid-19 restrictions will apply.

This virtual conference is designed for
• Seniors
• Families and caregivers
• Health care professionals
• Leading tech companies in this sector

At our recent ADRP board meeting on September 22nd., we decided to cover the cost for any member interested in attending the virtual conference. To register, please visit the following link:

This code is for VIPs or special guests (not sponsors or speakers) attending the conference. The conference plans to use the Pheedloop platform and its value-added features. You will need to set that up on your computer in advance. Should you encounter any problems, contact your own computer guru to get them resolved. We strongly recommend you take care of that well in advance of the conference dates. Typically problems occur on computers in need of updates and they can take time to install.

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