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It is my understanding that this insurance is only available to retired Faculty. We have no way to know who carries this insurance and ask that you share this message with your colleagues to whom it may apply.

Regards, Phil O’Hara – Chair ADRP

A Message from the Benefits Office

Our travel coverage through SSQ Insurance is for emergency medical only, it does not include any trip cancellation coverage, so the first part about trip cancellation coverage would not be relevant to our policy.

In regards to the emergency medical coverage, our travel plan provided by SSQ Insurance does not have any exclusions for travel advisories like the COVID-19, so coverage would remain in effect regardless of destination. SSQ is advising people to consider postponing international travel as their emergency assistance provider (AXA Assistance) may not be able to provide much assistance in certain regions. In Regions more severely affected, the Public Health Authorities are taking over the management of certain cities and regions and so the Assistance Services normally provided may be difficult to achieve. Also, the government of Canada has issued an official advisory against all non-essential travel outside of Canada and for Canadians abroad to return home as soon as possible, as outlined here, so although coverage is in force it is strongly recommended to avoid any non-essential travel.

Statement from the Insurer


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  1. The SSQ/FAQ page on the coronavirus now gives this question and answer:

    I am currently travelling
    In light of the Canadian Government’s travel advisory on non-essential travel, am I forced to return home? And if so, how much time do I have?
    To be covered by your insurance policy, you must take the necessary measures to return home as quickly as possible.

    That way, you will be covered for all medical expenses and emergency medical expenses, whether you are sick from COVID-19, another illness or injured, as long as you make the necessary arrangements to return home by March 27, 2020, at the latest.

    In the event that you are unable to return (because the border is closed or no flight is available), the March 27 deadline will no longer apply and you will be covered until your return. Please keep all supporting documents proving that you are unable to return.

    The take-away: if you are scrambling to get home, make sure you keep a record of your bookings even if they are cancelled on you so that you can maintain coverage.

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