Call for Submissions

The deadline for the November ADRP Newsletter is November 27, 2021. If you have anything you would like to share with your fellow retirees, we would love to hear from you! Consider telling us about your summer adventures, subjects for the membership to discuss, opportunities for seniors, etc. Please submit them to or

More on Microsoft Licensing

(via Heather Schellinck) We have just received a message to the effect that HR has decided that all retired faculty will get A3 licensing and that is being re-provisioned effective September 1. 

Update on Microsoft 365 Licenses

We previously posted about changes to the university’s Microsoft Licenses. We have learned that if Retired Faculty wish to retain an A3 license (for use on desktop computers and mobiles) they must send a request to Otherwise they will automatically be moved to an A1 license (which is browser based). Regretfully, Retired Staff have not ….  Read More

SCANS Fall 2021

The Seniors’ College Association of Nova Scotia has revised its slate of courses for the Autumn. A course on “Plants, People and Politics” by Hilda Taylor has been added to replace the series on policing by Angus Smith, which has been postponed. The summary of the revised program is below. The new term will commence ….  Read More

Dalhousie Board of Governors Approves New Rink and Physiotherapy Clinic

ADRP members may be interested to know that Dalhousie’s Board of Governors has voted in favour of building a new Dalhousie Event Centre on campus. The following is an excerpt from the official announcement by Athletic Director, Tim Maloney: The Dalhousie Event Centre will provide an on-campus home for student ice-related programming (intramurals and clubs), ….  Read More

Changes to Microsoft 365 Licenses

Some of you may remember receiving the following message from Joshua Leon (Assistant Vice-President, Information Technology Services); it was sent on March 26th, 2021 (please note the active links within the message will require you to login to MyDal): Changes to Microsoft 365 licensing for Dalhousie will take effect in 2021. The majority of faculty ….  Read More

June Newsletter Now Available

The ADRP Newsletter (June) is now available. In addition to the usual reports and columns, there are articles of particular interest during these covid-19 times. The Editor, Marilyn Klein, is always eager to hear from those ADRP members who would like to share their vaccine stories or methods for coping with “restrictions.” For instance, in ….  Read More

Chronic Pain in Adults: Challenges in Understanding and Care (May 2021)

Chronic Pain in Adults: Challenges in Understanding and Care (May 2021) Abstract Bulletin No. 19 of the CURAC/ARUCC Health Care Policy Committee reviews the need for a multi-disciplinary or biopsychosocial approach to the treatment and management of chronic pain. The reasons are clear: one in five Canadians (one in four seniors) experience persistent pain, up ….  Read More

Bombshell on catch-up Indexation

The most recent “Report of the Retirees Trust Fund (RTF) Trustees to Dalhousie Pensioners,” received in late February, mentioned that a decision on catch-up indexation had been deferred. The trustees met on March 31 and decided, as provided for in our pension plan rules, to use half of the $10 million RTF surplus identified in ….  Read More

Paul Huber made Honorary ADRP Member

At its March meeting, the Board elected to extend an Honorary ADRP Membership to Paul Huber.  His long-standing hard work and contributions to the cause were noted: Served on the Pension Advisory Committee as DFA rep and ADRP observer for over 40 years total; Served a term as a trustee of the Dal Pension Plan; ….  Read More