The Spring Newsletter

Our April Edition is hot off the digital “presses”! Read about the Annual General Meeting, reports on membership, pensions and benefits, the CURAC conference, and alternatives to long term care. Did you know that the ADRP can support your expenses if you wish to take part in the CURAC conference this year? Click here to ….  Read More

Upcoming ADRP Events

Please join us! We are a welcoming bunch of explorers. Compiled by Susan Holmes Updated May 12, 2024

Contact for all Social Events

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming social events—please join us for fun and conversation! For all social events, to contact Susan Holmes, please Email at

ADRP Bursary

Note: The following is permanently recorded under the About ADRP menu branch of our web site. A few years back an ADRP Bursary Fund was setup to assist students in need. It took a couple of years to build up a adequate balance to release funds but now we assist 2-3 students annually. Unlike scholarships, ….  Read More